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Real-Time Generator.

Experience the lightning-fast capabilities of the Real-Time Generator - a tool that generates 1024x1024 px images on-the-fly as you write your prompt. Switch between various styles, to find the one that best fits your creative intent.

Text to Image

Generate images in milliseconds

Experience incredibly fast image generation without compromising the quality. 1024x1024 px images appear as soon as you type anything in the prompt box. Choose between multiple styles to find the one that best fits your unique vision. Use arrows to generate new, slightly different image with the same prompt.

AI generated catAI generated catAI generated catAI generated cat

Image to Image

Generate images based on a source image

Transform any photograph or graphic into an entirely new aesthetic, choosing to retain elements of the original or completely reinvent it. Just upload your image and watch Real-Time Generator do the magic, crafting a novel masterpiece before your eyes.

BeforePhoto of a man
AfterAI Image to Image generated 3d toon portrait of a man

Unlimited images in all paid plans

Real-Time Generator allows you to create unlimited number of images in all paid plans. Dive into creative process and don’t let any limits hold you back. Try it for free with 100 images per day.