Simple and flexibleStable Diffusion APIfor image generation

Generate and edit images with the latest Stable Diffusion based models using our easy-to-use REST API. Focus on building next-gen AI experiences rather than on maintaining own GPU infrastructure.

curl \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"prompt":"a photo of an astronaut riding a horse on mars"}'

Take advantage of various image creation pipelines

Text to Image

Generate images with only text


Guide image generation with control image


Repaint masked areas of images.


Make images bigger

Pay only for what you use

We will bill you only for the pixels and steps required for the image generation.

Stable Diffusion XL New

$0.0003 / 1M pixelsteps

$0.00944 / image

Applies to all pipelines available with Stable Diffusion XL - /text-to-image, /image-to-image and /inpaint.

Stable Diffusion v1.5

$0.00045 / 1M pixelsteps

512×51220$0.0024 / image
768×76820$0.0054 / image
1024×102420$0.0095 / image

Applies to all Stable Diffusion v1.5 based models including: Realistic Vision, Anime Diffusion, Something V2.2, ICBINP, Analog Diffusion, NeverEnding Dream, Van Gogh Diffusion, Openjourney, InteriorDesign, Modern Disney Diffusion, RPG, Instruct Pix2Pix and more.

Stable Diffusion v1.5 Inpainting

$0.00055 / 1M pixelsteps

512×51220$0.0029 / image
768×76820$0.0065 / image
1024×102420$0.012 / image

Stable Diffusion v2.1

$0.0004 / 1M pixelsteps

512×51220$0.0021 / image
768×76820$0.0048 / image
1024×102420$0.0084 / image


$0.0055 / 1M pixelsteps

512×5124$0.0058 / image
768×7684$0.013 / image
1024×10244$0.024 / image

Face Restoration

$0.02 / 1M pixelsteps

512×512$0.0053 / image
768×768$0.012 / image
1024×1024$0.021 / image