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AI Tattoo Generator

Use our AI Tattoo Generator to easily generate ideas for tattoo design. You can also use it to generate tattoos on pictures of yourself to see how you would look with a tattoo. AI Tattoo Generator is also great for twisting existing tattoo design: generate new variations, add colors etc. Try it for free and see for yourself.

AI Generator

Generate tattoo ideas with AI

Whether you're a tattoo fan or exploring your first piece of ink, our tool is the perfect starting point. Dive into an endless sea of possibilities — from intricate patterns that tell a story to minimalist designs that speak in silence. Simply type in your vision, and watch AI turn it into beautiful visuals. With our tool, your perfect tattoo is only a few clicks away.

Tattoo of a lion, black and whiteColorful tatto of a mushrooms

Image Editor

Generate tattoos on pictures of yourself

Envision your future tattoo with confidence. Our AI Tattoo Generator allows you to visualize your tattoo's look on your skin before making the commitment. Upload your photo, choose a design, and let our AI seamlessly integrate the tattoo onto your image. Adjust placement, size, and colors until it's just right. Whether you're curious about a sleeve, pondering a tiny tat, or considering a full-back piece, our generator provides a realistic preview of your inked self.

Photo of a man in the pool, leaning on the edge.
Photo of a man with the AI generated tatto.

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