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Guide to Stable Diffusion Outpainting

Expand images using only text and your imagination.

Outpainting enables you to create anything you can imagine outside the original borders of any picture. i.e., you can expand images beyond their original borders with the power of an AI. So whether you start from photos, paintings, or AI-generated art, using just a text prompt, you can expand images matching the original's style and colors.

Let's see a simple example of how outpainting works. We will present that with a stock photo as a base. Firstly let's create a new project and upload the picture onto the canvas. After uploading, let's zoom out a little to leave some space for outpainting.

The original photo shows a landscape of mountains and trees. Let's make it larger by generating more of the scenario outside the original borders.

Position the 'Generation Frame' in the right place. No matter the side you want to expand, ensure that at least 20% of the 'generation frame' contains the base image. So the style can match the original. There is no rule here - the more area of the original image is covered, the better match. On the other hand, the less space covered, the more unexpected results will be generated.

Another critical step is to imagine what you want to see outside its boundaries. Then make sure the 'inpaint/outpaint' model is selected and write your prompt. The more descriptive you are, the better. In this case, for demonstration purposes, we will write 'mountains and forest.'

Magical, isn't it? But that's just a simple example. Creating complex art with outpainting takes time and a lot of tries, errors, and learning. Take a look at a more complex workflow creating 'Magical forest' artwork only from text prompts. We sped up the video to show what's possible:'s Stable Diffusion outpainting enables you to create your art in the direction your imagination leads. You have infinite possibilities, as there is no limit to the final picture size. It's all about your creativity.

When you create something you are proud of, feel free to share your art on our Discord channel or social media!