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Guide to Upscaling images

What is Upscaling, how it works and how to upscale images using

Upscaling is a feature that uses a Real-ESRGAN AI model to recreate an identical-looking picture with an increased resolution - 4x higher than the original. In the upscaling process, no visual changes are made to the original image. That is because upscaling, unlike image generation, does not use a diffusion-based process.

Note that, Upscaling differs from generating images using our High-Res feature. But of course, you can upscale images previously generated with it. You can upscale an image only once, and the maximum resolution that can be upscaled is 1536×1536 pixels. This means that with you can create images with resolution up to 6144×6144 pixels.

Watch the video below to learn how to upscale an image.

Upscaling an image


Here is a comparison between an image created with default settings and an upscaled version of the same image. You can see the quality is much higher, the image is sharper, and the details are more visible.

Default settings (512x512 pixels)
Generated with default settings, then upscaled (2048x2048 pixels)

We hope this guide helped you better understand Upscaling so that you can use it to your advantage while creating something amazing.