Guide to face enhancement feature

Learn how to enhance faces with

What is Enhance Faces feature?

Enhance Faces is primarily used for images depicting humans. This function uses the GFPGAN model to add more detail to faces and make them look better. It will recreate the same-looking image with enhanced face(s). The often-mentioned drawback of this function is that faces may become a little more pale or grey than the rest of the picture. This has to do with the origin of the GFPGAN model, which was first trained to restore damaged historical photographs. With that being said, the function is still widely used and, most of the time produces very good outcomes.

To use this feature in the Text to Image tool, hover over an image and choose “Enhance faces”. Watch the video below to see the instructions.

You can see how our AI model improves facial features by comparing the original face on the left and the improved face on the right. The original face was created using the ICBINP v8 model.

Original image
Enhanced face

We hope this guide helped you better understand how Enhance Faces works so that you can use these function to your advantage while creating images of people.